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Help Save 150 Double Decker Buses worth of Landfill with Michael's Originals

Monday, 9 November 2009  |  Admin

People have replaced their plastic carrier bags- now it's time to replace plastic washing-up scourers, sponges and brushes.
With the new Michael's Original range of washing-up accessories, you can wash-up without plastic.
Products like those in the Michael's range have been tried and tested for generations in the Philippines. The range includes the following:
Washing-Up Pad made from a luffa
Washing-Up Brush made from fibre from the Sago Palm tree
Oven Tray Scraper made from coconut husk
Cleaning Sponge to mop up spills made from a cotton outer filled with absorbent coconut pith.
See the products list on the website for details of each product. All of them are effective, durable, biodegradable and a real alternative to plastic.
The products can be composted once worn out or fed to a wormery, saving landfill. It is calculated that if everyone switched to Michael's Original washing-up pads, we would save the equivalent of 150 double-decker buses of landfill a year in the UK alone.
Another small step towards creating a sustainable home.