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Carbon Neutral

Earth Friendly Products, a leading manufacturer of award-winning, eco-friendly laundry & cleaning products announces that it is has achieved total carbon neutrality, after 3years of stringent carbon reduction initiatives and global sustainability policy across its manufacturing processes.

Earth Friendly Products has achieved carbon neutrality as a result of major initiatives - including their switch to 100% renewable electricity in 2010, largely through roof top solar panels. The company now helps avoid up to 53,843,434 lbs. of CO2 annually and reaching this goal of Carbon Neutrality is part their exceptional commitment to sustainability and other environmental issues. Earth Friendly continues to reduce emissions through additional energy-efficiency projects, through education that encourages individuals to change their behaviour and through leadership that creates paths for other companies to follow.

Dr Van Vlahakis, Founder and CEO of Earth Friendly Products said, ‘I have made it our top priority to produce effective, affordable green cleaning solutions for people to keep their homes and families safe and spotless while protecting our precious environment. It is a dream come true that my team has been able to continue our mission while at the same time managing to essentially erase our operations’ carbon footprint’


Lois Clark of Earth Friendly Products EU Distributors says ‘This really sets the Earth Friendly Products green cleaning range apart from its competitors. From field to customer, our products are carbon neutral and we are especially proud to proclaim this on every bottle that we sell.’

In the UK Earth Friendly Products are stocked at independent health food stores, department stores and mail order companies including .

Eco Control Certification

The Earth Friendly Products range of natural plant-based cleaning and laundry products is independently certified by EcoControl in Europe. EcoControl is an internationally recognised German based inspection and certification body for ecological non-food products and cosmetics. Rigorous EcoControl quality control standards focus on sustainability, ecological quality, and assurance of natural renewable and non-genetically modified ingredients of products. Full traceability of all ingredients must be available at all times with regular audits, inspections and assessments.

Consumers, who may be new to our range, can see the EcoControl logo on a product and have the confidence that they are making the best possible ethical and environmental choice. 

Certified 100% Renewable Energy 

As of January 2012 Earth Friendly Products has succeeded in converting to 100% renewable energy for their entire manufacturing process. This energy success is the latest in a line of stringent carbon reduction initiatives. Earth Friendly Products has pioneered the use of solar energy for some years with solar energy panels on all 5 of its family run factories. For some time they have been  60% self-sufficient, but have now negotiated to purchase the final 40% of energy needs from guaranteed green energy supplies, making the entire manufacturing power process 100% green. “This is by far one of our proudest moments,” said Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, Vice President of Earth Friendly Products. “Responsibility is the driving force behind our company’s every decision and this is one of the biggest steps for a manufacturing company toward being carbon neutral.”

Through this initiative, Earth Friendly Products’ carbon footprint is reduced significantly, eliminating more than 600,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution per year.

Their sustainability initiatives and strict carbon reduction and green work practices have not increased retail prices for any customers of Earth Friendly Products. Earth Friendly Products is committed to preserving the environment through every phase of its business operations.

 Renewable Choice Energy

Renewable Choice is a renewable energy provider, carbon offset provider, and carbon accounting solutions provider that offers products and services to measure emissions, manage reduction opportunities and report to voluntary and mandatory programs.

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Earth Friendly Products ( manufactures eco-friendly cleaning products and has committed to using 100 percent renewable energy for its entire manufacturing process. This commitment is the latest in a wave of ongoing responsibility initiatives that the company has adopted to set the curve in the
green cleaning products industry

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USDA Biopreferred Programme and Biobased Certification

The Earth Friendly Products range is listed on the USDA BioPreferredSM program catalogue. This is a US federal procurement preference initiative that aims to increase the purchase and use of renewable, environmentally friendly biobased products while providing "green" jobs and new markets for farmers, manufacturers, and vendors. The BioPreferred program offers three major benefits: Climate Change Impact Reduction, Energy/Environmental Security, and Economic Development.

In addition Earth Friendly has submitted several products to the The U.S. Department of Agriculture third party certification Bio-based labelling program, a voluntary initiative to identify biobased products and to promote their sale among consumers. Increased use of biobased products may result in reduced petroleum consumption, increased use of renewable resources, and contribute to reduced adverse environmental and health impacts. USDA's biobased program is also expected to promote economic development, creating new jobs and providing new markets for farm commodities. The following products have been tested and certified: all ECOS Laundry Liquids, Dishmate Washing-Up Liquids and Wave Dishwasher Gel

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Green Patriot 100™ Designation

Earth Friendly Products is proud to be one of the Green Patriot™ Green 100™ companies-selected for their outstanding achievement or progress in ten pro-environmental categories and the strength of their overall influence on the marketplace, based sometimes on their size, but more often on their innovation, positive example and leadership. Earth Friendly Products has become a stand-out company that was recently evaluated by Green Patriot Working Group led by environmental health consumer advocate David Steinman "Earth Friendly Products is clearly dedicated to producing environmental friendly products that are completely safe for people and pets," says Steinman. "We have been noticing the work of Earth Friendly Products and their growing presence and influence in the U.S. and abroad. They are setting an excellent example, by showing that products can be environmentally safe and don’t need to contain toxic and harmful ingredients to be effective."

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Design for Environment 

Earth Friendly Products is proud to display the DfE logo that represents its recognition by the US Environmental Protection Agency Design for Environment (DfE) program. Having closely reviewed the Earth Friendly Products range and ingredients for a broad range of health and environmental characteristics, this independent scrutiny recognises that Earth Friendly Products use safer chemistry, safe for people and safe for the environment

In addition, in the DfE ‘Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI)’, recognizes environmental leaders who voluntarily commit to the use of safer surfactants that break down safely in the environment, Earth Friendly Products is classed as  a “champion”. This is the highest level of recognition within the programme. They are committed to the use of safe surfactants that break down quickly to non-polluting compounds and help protect aquatic life in both fresh and salt water.

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US EPA's DfE Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI)
Through the Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI), EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) Program recognizes environmental leaders who voluntarily commit to the use of safer surfactants. Safer surfactants are surfactants that break down quickly to non-polluting compounds and help protect aquatic life in both fresh and salt water. Nonylphenol ethoxylates, commonly referred to as NPEs, are an example of a surfactant class that does not meet the definition of a safer surfactant.

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Certified by Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

Founded in 2008, Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is an independent, non-profit organization providing a certification label for sustainability in the graphic communications industry. SGP is the industry standard for the certification and continuous improvement of sustainability and best practices within print manufacturing operations.

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National Organic Programme

Many of the essential oils used in the Earth Friendly Products range are Certified Organic by the USDA National Organic Programme.

Earth Friendly Products will now display the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's new Safer Choice label (see above), is an indicator of its eco-friendly ingredients. Products with the Safer Choice label contain only EPA-approved ingredients determined to be less toxic to people and the planet. Label-bearing products must meet standards for performance, packaging, pH level and volatile organic compounds.

Safer Choice is a redesign of the agency's previous Design for the Environment label (see below) and behind the new look of the US EPA drive to raise consumer awareness.