Why Clean Green?
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Customer Testimonials



We all have to clean our homes and laundry. However, we do not have to use cleaning preparations formulated with toxic chemicals, or tested on animals. We do not have to use brushes and scourers made with plastics that will take 1000 years to biodegrade. Try our carefully researched plant-based sustainable alternatives that do the job without compromising effectiveness. We’ve added some testimonials from happy customers, who have made the switch.

Please let us know if you want to add anything: Tel 01892 616871 or email info@greenbrands.co.uk. Thank you  

Mrs C, Cheshire. ' I think that your Everyday Stain and Odour Remover is absolutely brilliant' 

Mrs P W , Bromley "I started slowly with the purchase of the creamy cleanser, then graduated to the Lavender Laundry Liquid, and now gone the whole hog with bulk size with Laundry Liquid. I also have the parley multi purpose and , waow ! the natural fragrance deodorises the most tenacious smells (that means the cats's boxes). The starch is simply one of the must-have for summer linen shirts and trousers ironing. Not only I do my bit for the environment, but I'm saving money too."

Mrs G Twickenham: ‘I have used the Earth Friendly Products range for years and will use nothing else. In my opinion the products last longer and work better. ‘

Mr T, Somerset: ‘My wife loves your Creamy Cleaner, she thinks it is wicked. She even uses it to clean our copper pans – it works brilliantly, in fact all your products are brilliant’ 

Mr M, Bedford: ‘I use Orange Mate Concentrate for cleaning grease from baking trays and the oven door. It removes baked on food and grease and smells natural too’

Mrs L, Essex: ‘I have used ECOS Laundry Liquid for years and find it very good indeed. I dislike the synthetic fragrances of Persil and Ariel and especially love the ECOS Lemongrass fresh smell. I never have to buy a fabric conditioner either.

Mrs W: ‘Earth Enzymes cleared my blocked kitchen sink magnificently’

Mrs A, London: Earth Enzymes saved me a call out  fee to the plumber. After my son tipped fat down our kitchen sink and blocked the U bend. I tried Earth Enzymes and it cleared it overnight. Thank you very much!’  

Mr B: ‘Your Spray Starch is the best on the market. It does not clog my iron and is not sticky and is convenient to use. I recommend it’

Mr N: ‘I have starched my shirts ever since I was in the army and was delighted to discover your Spray Starch. It is the best that I have used’   

Mrs P, Essex: My husband and son have very sensitive skin and every laundry liquid I tried, including eco products still brought them out in  a rash. Then I discovered ECOS Laundry Liquid and their skin has calmed down. I use both Fragrance Free and Magnolia and Lily and I am very happy with them.

Miss B, London: I have chemical sensitivity- just to let you know I have been using ECOS Magnolia and Lily laundry detergent for about one year and i have noticed that my chemical sensitivity has gone by 95 to 99%. I changed to all natural products about 10 years ago the only  product i did not change was my laundry detergent because i could not find a natural laundry detergent that would get my clothes clean and lessen my chemical sensitivity. I’m so happy that I am using ECOS laundry detergent I have been using ECOS laundry detergent
for about one year and it really gets our clothes clean and my chemical sensitivity has mostly gone.

Mrs M Beaconsfield: I use all of the Dishmate Washing-Up Liquid fragrances- they are so natural and smell wonderful. My favourite is Pear fragrance. My local health food shop stocks all of the fragrances.

Miss T: Dishmate Almond is my favourite- I am addicted to its marzipan smell- it is so delicious you want to eat it!  Pet Stain & Odour Remover is the only product that I will trust in my home. It gets rid of cat smells and accidents and does not harm my animals

Mrs R. Dorset. I have used your Furniture Polish for years- in fact each bottle lats me a few years- it is amazing value and lovely to use.

Mrs S. I had been looking for a Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent and Washing-Up Liquid for years. No I have found Dishmate and ECOS Fragrance Free I buy them in bulk- they work for me.

'Parsley Plus is a wonderful fresh multi-surface cleaner that I find brilliant for cleaning all sorts of surfaces around the home, from cleaning out the fridge to kitchen surfaces' Mrs B, Wales