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Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Sustainability is a core obligation and part of the founding ethos of both Earth Friendly Products and Natural Eco Trading Ltd.

Earth Friendly Products continuously aims to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and products throughout the life cycle; from design, procurement, production, distribution, product use through end-of-life, thus optimizing use of natural resources.From the beginning of 2012 Earth Friendly Products have coverted their manufacturing proceses to 100% green energy, mainly achieved by their roof mounted solar panels and has achieved Carbon Neutral status. Indeed Earth Friendly Products was the FIRST US company to be fully Carbon Neutral.  Earth Friendly Products  works with Renewable Choice, a renewable energy and carbon measurement, management and offset firm, to maintain their responsibility to offset any GHG (Green House Gases) generated over  and above their 100% sustainable manufacturing and export process. This is done by investment in wind farm technology.This ongoing process is strictly documented and is fully transparent. 

The Earth Friendly Products range that is sold in the UK is made on the US East coast in New Jersey in Earth Friendly' solar powered factory. Earth Friendly recycle water and packaging materials and are close to achieving zero waste.  Earth Friendly source all raw materials as locally as possible.Remember that even UK producers of green cleaners must import  ingredients as many of the plant ingredients needed to make green cleaning products are not grown in our climate e.g. Oranges, Lemons, Olives, Coconut Oil. Earth Friendly export to the UK by sea in full 40ft containers which is far more efficient than road and air. We will never air freight.

Natural Eco Trading /Greenbrands staff work from home and the warehouse and distribution centre is close by, but even our trips to the warehouse are included in the Carbon Neutral Calculation. US employees are encouraged to cycle to work. Earth Friendly Products range is far more concentrated than competitors and this lowers the carbon footprint per dose- using less water, packaging, plastic bottles and transport miles.  

Earth Friendly Products' Director of Sustainability ensures that Earth Friendly Products is at the forefront of sustainable working practices.